About us

1937 • Ivan Whillock is born in a small log cabin in Trempeauleau, Wisconsin .... or maybe a hospital (I'll have to ask him.)

1947 - 1983 • Ivan Whillock attends Winona State University and becomes a local English teacher and working artist ... painting, clay, woodcarving ... he studies under Angel Lillo and Eduard Gutierrez. Moves to Faribault, Minnesota around 1960 and continues teaching. Retires from teaching in 1980's to concentrate on his art.

1984 • Ivan and Marnie Whillock ... a father/daughter team .... establish an art/woodcarving studio in downtown Faribault, Minnesota. For years Ivan taught woodcarving classes with an association with the local Faribault Art Center. Marnie begins the Ivan Whillock Studio mail order catalog for tools & supplies distributed to the numerous students that came through the shop. Students come from around the US and Canada to study under Ivan. Marv Kaisersatt .. a local math teacher .... had been creating caricature carvings for 10 or so years and joins Ivan in his studio. Marv begins with a few carvings for sale ($175 each) and begins teaching classes as well.

1991 • Ivan Whillock publishes his first book ... Pictorial Relief Carving ... with 11 more to follow.

1995 • A representative from Stubai Industries in Austria visit the studio and an agreement is reached for the Whillocks to become the US distributor for Stubai Carving Tools. Ivan Whillock and Marv Kaisersatt help design the "Whillock Style" Stubai Palm tools ... today known as the 57 series ..... they feautre extra wide tools, deeper veiners (u) and a larger handle that fits the palm .... they are very popular with caricature carvers. They are also one of the first high-quality tools in a palm handle size.

1999 • Marnie begins Marnie Whillock Associates to focus more on Whillock Signature products and Chris & Mark Whillock begin Woodcarvers Warehouse to sell the Stubai Products and other lines. The 2 businesses work together in many areas but still are able to grow on their own. The Whillock kids were beginning to branch out on their own as their children began to help out in the business. Ivan continues to produce his artwork for customers around the world.

2003 • Premier Issue of Carving Magazine! Marnie Whillock editor, Ivan Whillock technical editor, Chris Whillock contributor. Magazine begins with a letter written from Ivan or Chris Whillock to All American Crafts several years back. Back then there were very few magazines devoted to woodcarving and we thought a craft magazine may like to add a series of articles for carvers ... a growing hobby with babyboomers. All American Crafts (the publishers and owners) holds on to the letter and contacts Ivan several years later. Ivan then writes a series of articles for Creative Woodworks & Crafts .. they are well received .. so much so that they want to publish a magazine devoted to carving. They ask Ivan to be editor ... Ivan said no. They asked Marnie, she said yes.

2004 • 1st year of carv-fest ... minnesota woodcarving festival held in Faribault, MN. Began as a (1 time only) celebration of the Studio & friends. So popular that it becomes an annual event. Visit www.carv-fest.com.

2007 • A really bad, bad year! Our dear daughter, sister and light in the world .. Marnie ..... passes away at the young age of 44. She fights breast cancer for over 4 years. She leaves behind 2 sons .. Ryan and Cory Becker. Chris Whillock takes over as editor of Carving Magazine.

2017 • www.carv-fest.com woodcarving festival going strong, www.StubaiUSA.com and www.whillockwoodcarving.com continue to bring quality carving tools and products to customers.

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