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Marv Kaisersatt Workshop ($395)


Quick Overview

Marv offers two Classes at Ivan Whillock Studio each year.

Choose From
Design Class - May 7-11, 2018
Project Class - July 9-13, 2018

DESIGN (May): similar to project class except you design your own. Come with a basic idea for a figure, create an armature, design the pattern from that, we'll cut you the blank, then you use your model and a grid system to create your masterpiece. Excellent class! --- All Materials Included in price!

PROJECT (July): Excellent caricature workshop .... work on main project throughout week and several smaller practice pieces. Normally a 10" standing figure .... caricature guy doing something. Special lessons on eyes, features, expressions, clothing etc ... Learn from the best!

--- Cost of class is $395 ... you can pay a $100 deposit if needed ... call 507-339-0336 for more info

Sku # : MarvClass

Marv Kaisersatt taught junior high math in Faribault, Minnesota until his retirement in 1995. In 1976, during a teachers strike, he turned to woodcarving. Marv began teaching Caricature Carving in 1985 and specializes in carving multi-figure scenes from a single block of basswood.

He teaches classes at Whillock Studio in Faribault with an emphasis on designing in clay and carving the caricature from bandsawn blanks. Marv has written a book, “Creating Caricature Heads in Wood and on Paper.” It takes the carver through yet another approach for carving caricature heads, but more important, it lays out a detailed procedure for designing them.

At the International Woodcarvers Congress, considered by many as the premier general woodcarving competition, Marv, as a caricature carver, has amassed a variety of awards and honors.
1991 - Cecil Wakefield Award for Unusual Interpretation
1992 - Featured Show Exhibit
1996 - Peoples Choice Award
1997 - Second Show Runner-up
1998 - Flexcut Creativity Award
2002 - Featured Show Exhibit
2002 - First Show Runner-up
2003 - Cecil Wakefield Award for Unusual Interpretation
2004 - Best in Show
Best in Caricatures (11 times)
In 2006 he was honored by Woodcarving Illustrated as their Woodcarver of the Year.

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