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Patterns for Woodcarvers

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Patterns for Woodcarvers

Sku # : BKPatternsWoodcarvers
Patterns, Patterns, Patterns
Ivan Whillock

56 Pages

This book was designed for woodcarvers who already have the techniques down, and are looking for well drawn patterns. We've included photos of a few of the finished pieces. Use your imagination -- Enlarge them, reduce them, use unique mediums... soapstone, etc... try them in the round. *** Includes Last Supper Pattern!!!!!!
Patterns include ....
Relief patterns (one view only):
- boy fishing
- bear cubs by a stream
- mountian man
- prospector
- songbird in tree
- farm relief
- old barn
- bird in a floral vine
- man with stocking hat (front view)
- man with floppy brimmed hat (profile)
- old balding man (profile)
- the ballet dancer on toes
- long hair woman
- young girl (front view)
- golfer swinging
- golfer chipping (includes flag/hole)
- young boy holding up large fish
- freckle faced boy with droopy hound dog
- boy sliding down hill
- Momma and baby loon swimming
- the rearing horse
Decorative (relief):
- floral trace pattern
- basic floral (2 blooms, 1 bud, three leaves)
- floral trace pattern#2
- larger floral design (3 blooms)
- mirror/picture frame (leaves)
- large grape pattern
- leaves and acorns on branch
- leaves and acorns
- mirror/picture frame (more difficult)
- acanthus scroll #1 (deisgned to reverse for mirror image!)
- acanthus scroll #2
- acanthus scroll #3
- floral pattern
- acanthus scroll #4
- christ praying
- chalice/grapes/bread/wheat grouping
- stylized mary (front view)
- christ (profile)
- mary with baby (full profile)
- madonna (full/front) (also makes great statue!)
- jesus on the cross
- classic good shepherd
- the young boy singing angel
Also included:
- man leaning on shovel (front & side view)
- standing farmer (front & side view)
- Minnesota Man (front & side ... GREAT FOR BEGINNERS!)
- Loon swimming
- sitting cat
Pictured in full color (FINISHED CARVINGS) on the cover of the book are:
- Floral frame
- the last supper
- mary with baby
- christ praying
- older man/balding
- man leaning on shovel
- bird in floral vine
- floral
- rearing horse
- good shepherd
- sitting cat
- Jesus profile
- boy fishing
- prospector
- minnesota man
WOW that is just 31? a pattern ... well worth it!!!!!!
fill up your library ... spark an idea!

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