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Creating Caricature Heads


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*****OUT of STOCK ...... Being Re-Printed .... will be roughly 3 week delivery *****

Creating Caricature Heads in Wood and on Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing & Carving Heads and Faces

Sku # : BKCreatingCariHeads

*****NOTE ...... this book is being reprinted .. not available until mid September 2018 *****
Creating Caricature Heads in Wood and on Paper: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing & Carving Heads and Faces

By Marv Kaisersatt - 138 Pages

WOW! What else is there to say. Marv Kaisersatt has dominated the Best of Caricature Carving at the International Woodcarver's Congress each year for over 12 years .... he studies his art like no one else. For several years he worked at putting his instruction, his techniques and his sense of humor down on paper ... it is now published ... and going fast!
This Caricature Carver's Bible has it all ... it has five basic sections: Carving The Caricature Head, Designing The Caricature Head, Advanced Design, Hints & Techniques and excellent "Try This" features along the way.
You learn ... as only Marv can show you ... how to rough out the basic head, foundations of the face, detailing the head, head proportions, the profile view, the front face, and head movement.
Special hints and techniques pages include: generate your own profiles, generate your own face shapes, creating expressions, working in clay, lips and chin alignment, a head mannequin, non-traditional faces ... and don't forget tools ... like: the carving ledge, bench top carving arm, tuning your knife, strops.
includes: stop cuts, slicing cuts, using the v-tool, using the deep gouge #11, delicate cuts, chip cuts and slicing cuts.
The book is filled with cartoon characters that will have you laughing every time you turn the page. The book is spiral bound for those of you that want to carve step by step.
As we said ... this book has it all ... this is one of the real geniuses of Caricature carving and there is a very limited supply of this book ..... don't wait till they're gone

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